Safaree to give computers to Jamaican schools - Rapper says one to be distributed every month

October 14, 2016
Safaree takes a photo opt with Bounty Killer during a party he held in Jamaica last year.

Jamaica-born American rapper/song writer Safaree has started a charity initiative titled Stunt for Jamaica and is expected to donate computers to local schools in coming weeks.
According to the rapper, who is now featured on VH1ís popular TV show Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Jamaica's influence in his development has made him a strong individual.
"I want to put a new computer in schools in Jamaica every month. I just want to keep on doing it. I have already made connections with notable people like Jackie from the show Basketball Wives. She is going to donate, and I already have my first batch of computers," he said.
The artiste also revealed that schools in the parish of Hanover will be the first in line to receive computers.
"Pondside in Hanover is where my family is from so, I am just gonna set it up from there and work my way across the island. My mother used to run track and field with Merlene Ottey back in the day, and there is a Merlene Ottey (high) school in that side of the island that I might visit. I just want the teenagers to know that they should not give up, you know, stay focused on your education. I want this charity to get really really, big and help the schools out," he said.
As for his decision to join VH1's Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, the rapper said brand Safaree needed an extra push.
"I decided to finally join the show because I just felt like I needed that extra bump ... just something to push my brand and my music. In this day and age, the kind of promotion I am getting from doing this show cannot be paid for. I have big top artistes in the game that have reached out to say this promotion is crazy. I am in front of millions of people every single day, and the show is on repeat every single day so it; can only help; it can't hurt," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.
The former boyfriend of Nicki Minaj who currently dates Nikki Mudarris on the show, told THE WEEKEND STAR that he a Jamaican 'gallis' who is not camera shy.
"There is nothing I would change about the experience man a gallis from 19-how-long. "It's one of the best experiences I have ever had, and it has impacted me major. I was popular before, but now it has escalated, and everywhere I go, people know brand Safaree," he said.
Safaree has released singles such as Can't Lie and Wait a Minute. He is also promoting his Safaree Coconut Oil.
Earlier this year, he released a mixtape paying homage to the island. Titled Real Yard Vibes, the rapper said the mixtape was to show Americans the real essence of dancehall and reggae music.
"I am not going to do a bunch of mainstream and watered-down stuff that these people are calling Tropical House, which is really dancehall and reggae. I am making real gritty dancehall and reggae music, and I am putting my touch on it to give it that real yard vibes," he had told THE WEEKEND STAR, adding that the mixtape will be unique since he is the only American rapper, aside from Busta Rhymes, who can comfortably code-switch between patios, English, dancehall and rapping.



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