Guyanese gospel artiste creates buzz in Caribbean

November 10, 2016

Guyanese reggae gospel artiste Saiku is creating a buzz across the Caribbean with his two new songs, 'Pillow Could Speak' and 'You'.

The singer, who was recently in Jamaica recording tracks for his upcoming EP with producer Danny Brownie, said the songs have been making an impact across the region without any specific marketing campaigns behind them.

"It's been unbelievable, beyond my expectations. You is being played on Love 101, also on Irie FM, and on the major stations in Trinidad," he said. "Pillow Could Speak is doing even better than You."

After being released on October 1, the song has already generated 104,000 views on YouTube.

Saiku also revealed that in Guyana, his home country, songs from Jamaican artistes dominate the airwaves, but "surprisingly, my songs are doing so as well."

Meanwhile, You, he said, encouraged persons to focus on God. And as it relates to Pillow Could Speak, which was recorded with Jamaican gospel artiste Prodi, he said the song tells the stories of their respective lives.

"I basically live in a ghetto in Georgetown. My mom is a single parent. I have nine other siblings, so we grew up very poor and I faced a lot of rejection because of my address. So, basically, I try to articulate my life from that aspect and Prodi did the same," he said.

With the songs doing well, a number of activities are being planned to push them further along.

"Right now, both songs are in the Caribbean and the USA. We have not done any target marketing. We are focusing on the Caribbean, particularly Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and Barbados," Saiku said, while revealing that there is a listening party set for Georgetown on December 5.

He added that the song will be on his EP that is set for release next year.

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