Gospel spotlight : Marq Johnson follows his dream

November 25, 2016
Gospel artiste Marq Johnson
Marq Johnson

Marq Johnson, a pastor's child from Harbour View, St Andrew, was a born musician.

After taking classical piano lessons as a child and being heavily involved in his church's youth choir, Johnson sought a career as the lead singer of a band.

During the first recording session, the producer told him to stick to the piano.

"God nuh easy at all," Johnson chuckled. "My first time in a studio, the producer told me that lead vocalists are born, not made, so I should go back to piano. He actually said that in front of the rest of the band."

He didn't pursue a music career full-time until about 2012, when he and some friends decided to evolve from casual jam sessions into a full-fledged band.

The band started playing as a unit in local churches, and they then started recording.

Johnson started piano lessons at seven years old.

"I was told I hated it when I just started it," he confessed. "But I swear soon after starting, I fell in love with it."

Johnson told THE WEEKEND STAR that for each exam he had to complete for piano, he came out with distinctions.

But after hearing what the producer said, Johnson decided to take up vocal lessons.

"You have to learn what to listen to and what to disregard," he said. "I signed up for vocal training, every Monday and Wednesday. I knew the picture I saw in my mind."

Johnson believes his achievement in piano has fed his passion for musical excellence.

On August 11, 2015, Johnson released his debut single, Pulse Get Weak, in Cayman, Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica.




He continued until the release of his first self-titled EP in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in May 2016. Along with the release of his EP, Johnson also dropped two songs, Nah Sell Out and Rise of a Resolute.

Last month, the artiste released a single called God Yuh Good and said he intends to release two more before year end.

Johnson has been nominated in the New York-based Love Gospel Station Awards in the category of Best New Artiste.

"Can you imagine if I believed that producer? He would have redefined my purpose."

Johnson said he's not doing music as an artiste just because he likes it.

"I do it because I'm called to do it, because I'm clear on my identity."

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