Sheldon Senior strikes on 'Old Firestick'

December 02, 2016
Sheldon Senior

With his new single, Old Firestick now out worldwide on all online retail stores and his first European tour in four years complete, Sheldon Senior is extremely excited about his career.

Old Firestick was produced by Tripplestar Records from London and is a story of two long-time young lovers falling in love. However, their lives went in different directions when they were pulled apart by their parents. But the love was not lost.

Senior then uses the Jamaican phrase, 'Old firestick easy fi catch' to explain the intricacies of the lovers' feelings.

Senior completed a three-month promotional and performance tour of the United States and Europe at the end of October.

The series of shows, which was called the Breakthrough Tour, took him to three different states in the United States, including Florida, New York and Atlanta, and five different countries in Europe, namely the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. There, he played to mainly sold-out venues and was interviewed more than 30 different times by different media outlets.

Now back in Jamaica, Senior is working extremely hard on his upcoming album, Evolve, that is slated for release early 2017.

But before that happens he plans to release another single, Tekova, which will be released on his label, Kahinga Records. The track is a blend of afrobeat, dancehall and roots reggae.

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