Peter Tosh's grandson ready to carry on legacy

December 10, 2016


Reggae legend, the late Peter Tosh was known for possessing a rebellious nature. Commonly referred to as the 'original stepping razor', Tosh was unwavering in his support of certain issues and was an advocate for poor people not just through his music but through the way he lived his life.

Carrying on his musical legacy may seem like too much pressure for some but for his grandson, Dre Tosh, picking up the baton is as natural as it is an honour.

In an interview with THE STAR, the 22-year old up-and-coming reggae singer revealed that like his grandfather, he too has a rebellious nature and will take great pride in standing up for equal rights and justice.

"I'm not only rebellious but I'm also love and I preach love and unity in my songs. I'll also push people to show love because me affi strike a balance," he said.

Dre Tosh revealed that though similar to his grandfather in many ways, he is his own person.

For example, he is not an avid smoker but said he will be an advocate for the legalisation of marijuana.

"Marijuana has many different health properties where healing is concerned," he said. "Smoking is just one part of the many ways marijuana can be used. Marijuana is good for the nerves and it can help if you're an insomniac."


Being united


Dre Tosh launched his career professionally at age 19 and yesterday released his first single Coming In Hot.

"It (the song) is speaking to the things of the world that majority of the people don't see because it's like they're blind or they have a cap over dem eyes," he explained.

He said the song also speaks about being united and "doing all the things that Babylon doesn't want us to do as a people".

Released on the Calibud Music label via all digital platforms, Coming In Hot, is a rendition of Peter Tosh's original 1981 song on his Wanted Dread & Alive album.

Peter Tosh's vocals are even on the chorus.

A music video for the song could be released before year end as Dre Tosh revealed it is 75 per cent finished.

Already seen on local stages during 2016 at Rebel Salute, The Peter Tosh Tribute Concert and most recently All Spice Food and Reggae Festival, Dre Tosh is eager to embrace his legacy and make his own mark in reggae land.

"Me born with 'reggaemilitis' as mi grandfather woulda say because from ever since me love reggae and it's like a part of my essence. Every aspect of it whether it relates to the sound or the feeling you get, I just love it."

He said he has big expectations for himself and hopes to work with several artistes and producers from the industry in the near future.

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