Supa Hype gives back for Christmas

December 16, 2016
Supa Hype

Popular selector Supa Hype has decided to give back to the patients of Bellevue this Christmas.

After hosting the hospital's Christmas dinner, Supa Hype said he made the decision to spend his Christmas at the institution. With the help of his family, Supa Hype will be donating a complete Christmas meal for the patients of the hospital.

"I just doing some food, likkle chicken, and ham. Mi nah short change them still! I'm going to give them chicken and ham with rice and peas, and some vegetable. Maybe some sorrel," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"Every year I try to get somebody to help me to give some food to some homeless people," he continued.

Undeterred by the lack of assistance, Supa Hype had already committed to another charity effort to be held within the next few days.

"I'm actually doing a charity thing at Susie's on Sunday alongside Skunk Nation," he said. Proceeds from the event, Cars Vs Bikes, will be donated to the less fortunate in the form of toys, cash, and clothing.

Supa Hype told THE WEEKEND STAR that he rented the venue for Skunk Nation to have their yearly gathering of gleamed-up cars and bikes. So, this year, the shiny display of 'suped-up' and bedazzled vehicles will find a designated place, rather than a random gas station.

"They don't have to bombard a gas station. They have venue to do what they want," he said.

According to the selector, all future events he will be involved in must have a charitable element.

"If is even a $5,000 ... mi modda help mi cook di food. Mi girlfriend a help mi dish it out. A nuh money ting. A jus me a do it. Hopefully, next year one a dem big people come on board," he said.

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