Shocking Vibes returns after decade-long hiatus

December 29, 2016
Patrick Roberts

Events manager Patrick Roberts has decided to re-establish the Shocking Vibes Production Company.

It is Roberts' observation that the music industry has changed but that the change is not reflected in current artiste-management style.

Roberts told THE STAR that Shocking Vibes went on a hiatus in 2006, halting general business.

But he has never taken his eyes off the progression of the Jamaican music industry. Now, Roberts will relaunch the brand, with its core business being event planning and artiste management.

"Ten years break is very long, so it's time to start up Shocking Vibes Production from fresh, starting January morning," read a Facebook post made by Roberts on Tuesday.

"I looked at the whole industry, from once we took the break, how artiste management is taking place in Jamaica, how signature shows are coping," he said when contacted by THE STAR.


Roberts believes that the survival of the music industry lies in the increase in performance possibilities.

"Most artistes understand that 20 years ago when we managed Beenie Man, up to 2006, the industry was record driven. But now, it is performance driven," Roberts said.

"We realised the different trend in music, where you pay a performer and they are unwilling to do a commercial for the show. Artistes of the 'now' should understand that they have to give and take when it comes to promotions and promoters," he added.

Roberts also said that some artiste managers have not adapted to the changing industry, and as a consequence, will reap no real benefits.

"A lot of these people who call themselves managers are not. They are like house masters. There is no true management structure. I'm not knocking anyone, but for example, if you don't understand the cycle of the Grammys, you will get left out of the Grammys," he said.

The long-time events planner issued a call-out to veteran industry professionals to open themselves up to offering Jamaican artistes some kind of tutoring.

"Basically, it was always my love to build an empire, one of the most recognised management companies and recording labels. It was painful for the break. There's always a disappointment, but there's always a comeback. I see all these things lacking in the industry. I have all this experience locked away. I just say, 'Let I come back January morning," Roberts said.

He told THE STAR that Shocking Vibes Production would be open for artistes with discipline and respect and those who appreciate what it takes to make it in the business.

"I'm looking for artistes willing to take advice," he said. In the Facebook post, he also told persons to tune in for further details.

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