Teacha Dee to release new album


December 31, 2016
Teacha Dee

Reggae singer Teacha Dee is looking forward to the release of his sophomore album, Rastafari Way, in February.

This is his first full-length project since he released his debut album, Reggae Souljahs: Beating Down Babylon with Music in 2011.Teacha Dee said the 13-track album will feature several previously released songs along with new ones.

"I'm very excited about this project; it's been in the making for a while now, and I am happy that it will be out soon," he said.

The Westmoreland-born entertainer is confident that the album, which is named after his chart-topping single, will do well internationally.

"This is an excellent album; it has a lot of great songs on it, and I expect it to do well right across the world. It's authentic reggae music; it's the type of music that real reggae fans will appreciate," said Teacha Dee.

new singles

Teacha Dee is currently promoting three new singles, namely, Show Respect, Do Today and Lightning, Earthquake and Thunder.

"I have quite a few new songs out. These projects were recorded for some of the top European reggae labels, and they are doing well in various European countries," he said.

Teacha Dee completed a series of shows with his Sound Generators band in Germany.

"I love to perform for my fans, it's always good vibes wherever we play in Europe. Our next show will be at the Rude 7 Club on January 7 in Mannheim."

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