'I am not dead' says Ganggoolie after serious dance fail

January 05, 2017
Contributed Ganggoolie

Ganggoolie says persons

concerned more about 'social media hype' than helping after blackout

"I am alive and well", says dancehall artiste Ganggoolie after taking a 14-foot fall at Ochi Fest recently while attempting to execute an acrobatic dancing stunt with a female.

The deejay who is known for his local hit Muscle Wine, told THE STAR that aside from a swelling at the back of his head he is ready to perform again.

"I have a nice 'coco' behind my head ... not a dasheen but it's a good likkle swelling. I was knocked out for about four minutes 'peenie wallie' style," he said.

A video of the incident which has since gone viral on social media shows Ganggoolie struggling to lift the relatively slender woman around his waist.

"I wasn't drunk but the girl was heavy. A person might not be fat but dem still heavy and I have done stuff like that before and never drop. Mi a promote a dance name Bomb It Up so mi a try display how the dance guh so I was trying to brace her against the railing," he explained.

"But before I could brace her she slip weh and because mi never expect that it send me straight over the railing. I am not embarrassed because we are all human beings and it is entertainment."

The artiste said he was more bothered that persons in the audience were more concerned about getting a social media hype at his expense. He believes cell phones have replaced first aid kits even when a life is threatened.

"People were video taping me instead of trying to take me to the hospital. Not even the other entertainers in the venue never show nuh love so if I had internal bleeding nobody would care also long as dem get to video mi and share it on social media. Look how much good song like Blind Love and Gwaan pray mi have and dem don't share it but a the bad situation dem wah post online," he said.

Ganggoolie also said he returned to complete his set onstage after regaining consciousness.

"I asked a youth how mi head-back look and him sey aside from the swelling mi alright. Suh mi just perform and take mi likkle self way from the venue," he said.

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