Lifesong delivering 'TLC' for the soul

January 06, 2017
Lifesong Team

Many people know TLC as the acronym for 'tender loving care', or 'tender love and care'.

While this musical group may truly stand for love and care, their associated logo stands for Transformed Life Church, located on Shortwood Road in Kingston.

Their aim, as a church and its byproduct, a budding gospel group, is to establish themselves as a church and worship collective, but not in the 'traditional' sense.

"For now, we have about 12 or 13 members," Nicky Turner, worship director of TLC's Lifesong musical collective told THE WEEKEND STAR.

She said that the church is a worship church, and therefore places much energy behind the musical exhalation of God.

"We didn't have a name but we started to write and came together about three years ago," Tucker said. "Some of us are full-time musicians with some DJs in the mix."

Those musicians, mixed with people with nine-to-five jobs, along with the pastor and his wife have come together to create Lifesong.

"The number tends to fluctuate," she said. "You have to be a part of the [church's] worship team. These are people who have said 'I've heard this, and I've committed to this'," she said.

Turner approximates that the church began in January 2012, and the worship group began evolving into an entity beyond just weekly Sunday worshippers.

new sound

"It came from our pastors," Tucker told THE WEEKEND STAR.

According to her, the church's leaders Pastor Dwight Fletcher and his wife, Pastor Joan, both felt compelled by God to send out a new sound from Jamaica.

"They both had different prophecies. It is a mandate from God," Tucker continued. Now, the worship leader of the church's worship team doubles as band leader.

"We get together for rehearsals with lots of compromise," Tucker told THE WEEKEND STAR. "We tend to know each other's schedules. Sometimes rehearsal is at my home, sometimes at the church on a Saturday, or we book rehearsal rooms."

Tucker estimates that the Lifesong worship collective started recording their music about seven months ago, pulling from a pool of songs written over the past three years.

"We want to make practical and relevant music, and we expect that it will carry us where it will. It's just what God said," Tucker said, referring again to the prophecies of her pastor and his wife.

"He wants to take us across the nation."

TLC's Lifesong will be having the launch of their debut album called Wi Love Strong today at Emancipation Park, with DJ Marlon Young providing opening tunes at 5 p.m., before showtime an hour later.

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