Barack Obama performed well - Foota Hype believes 44th president was a victim of sabotage

January 20, 2017
Foota Hype
US President Barack Obama

Selector Foota Hype believes Barack Obama's work as US president was affected by sabotage. The outspoken selector also feels that the outgoing president performed well internationally, but could have done more for the black race.

"Obama did a good job, but there were areas which he lacked. I believe he could have done more for the black race as the first black president. To be fair, he faced an uphill battle because every law he tried to pass they fought against it because of who he was. One thing is for sure is that he broke a barrier to become the first black president, and we can all aspire to that now because of him," Foota Hype said.

The selector also feels that Jamaicans should forgive Chronixx for bashing Barack Obama back in 2015 following his visit to Jamaica, since he is entitled to his opinion.

"Dem fi forgive Chronixx, and I believe they have because mi see him thing a rise back. But Chronixx as a Rasta man is not wrong for burning out Obama because certain decisions that Obama was forced to make were detrimental to people and humanity. I can't blame Chronixx because everybody is entitled to their opinion. As a Rasta, you have to hold certain principle," he said.


Throwing stones


As for Etana's decision to support Donald Trump, Foota Hype still believes she was deserving of the backlash. He believes she was throwing stones behind her by endorsing a leader many believe is racist and misogynistic.

"Some people are glad to hear that people lose visas because they want to feel supreme. I feel as if she sold herself as one of those persons. But she never expect seh she a guh get that big backlash. At the end of the day, you must know that your visa means nothing because they can take it away tomorrow," he said.

With Trump taking office as US President, Foota Hype believes it is time for Jamaicans to brace for the drastic changes which are expected to take place under Trump's presidency.

"I think there will be major changes because every president usually brings their own set of changes. He, too, is following orders so we must also know that he does not have the final say in what goes on in the US. The world has to worry based on what he campaigned about. This is not about race anymore. It is a global issue if you think about his views on China and Cuba as well," he said.

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