Gospel showdown - promoter says artiste's camp changed contract

January 21, 2017
Judith Gayle

First-time concert promoter Samantha Gardner-Whyte found herself at odds with a veteran gospel artiste in the planning of Gospel Explosion 2017.

Gardner-Whyte told THE STAR that she has made deposits to all performers, and has been rattled by the request of one.

"I am not sure at the moment if Judith [Gayle]if they are planning to attend the show, as to what I agreed on," Gardner told THE STAR. "They want to charge me more than what I had agreed on, and I am not willing to pay."

The concert is scheduled to take place at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre on April 23.


Made a deposit


"The only reason I'm going through with this is because I already made a deposit. I was warned about her being a part of the show and I disobeyed because I knew her from Power of Faith Church," said Gardner-Whyte.

She said Gayle and her management agreed to a fee of $170,000 over the phone. Gayle was to be paid that sum to perform accompanied by track music.

Gardner-Whyte said she made a deposit of $120,000 to Gayle's booking agent, Hitz Factory Records, to secure the artiste's performance.

But Gayle's camp denied there was ever an agreement for $170,000.

"It comes to me as a surprise that she has this concern now. I'm not sure if it's the first time she's booking events, but I don't think she has a clear understanding of how the procedure is," said Adrian Scarlett, Gayle's booking agent and director of Hitz Factory Records.

He said Gardner-Whyte didn't ask for a track event, but for a band event. Scarlett said the price for a band event is $240,000 which was communicated to Gardner-Whyte.

Gardner-Whyte however was adamant that Gayle was not being honest.

"I have been back and forth with emails, trying to resolve it. I just want her to be honest. You told me from day one to use a track is $170,000," Gardner-Whyte said.




THE STAR obtained the email exchanges between the two parties. Scarlett believes the misunderstanding likely arose from the suggestion of using a band which would be shared with Kevin Downswell, whose cost was too much for the promoter.

The emails revealed that Gardner-Whyte was sent a contract outlining the requirement of passes for talent, while quoting the cost of $240,000.

In negotiating with the promoter, Hitz Factory said the lowest they could go was $190,000.

Gardner-Whyte said that while she was going to pay the extra $70,000, she was not giving Gayle nine tickets.

Scarlett said the contractual stipulation of nine tickets will no longer stand, since Gardner-Whyte said she will not pay for a band performance.

"The [nine] tickets were meant for singers and the band. Now we would only ask for three passes for the artiste, her booking agent and an armour bearer," he said.

He said Gardner-Whyte agreed to the terms without full understanding.

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