Ras Slick hopes to empower minorities


January 23, 2017
Ras Slick

With former United States, President Barack Obama now out of office, making way for Donald Trump, reggae artiste Ras Slick has decided to release a new song titled No Shackles and Chains, offering hope to minorities amid trying times.

The song was released on Friday, January 13, 2017, on digital outlets.

According to the artiste, the record denounces the attempts of the ruling class to oppress minorities, whether physically or mentally.

Slick believes No Shackles and Chains is his most timely and compelling work to date.

"We need to call on God and put our prayers into action. We also need to unite. We are a beautiful, strong, and resilient people who fought our way through slavery to show them that we are all one people, but without unity, we can't show just how powerful our race can be," he said.

As for Donald Trump's presidency, the artiste, who resides in the US, believes that the American people made the wrong decision. He said Trump's message during the election campaign was too toxic and does not do well for his image as a president.

"We come from an era of shackles and chains and we are not going back to that time. So this time, more than ever, we need to be strong. I believe my song sends that message accurately to motivate our people. A united black race will be more powerful, and a united human race is a sign of strength. There is strength in numbers, and what we want as a people is just equal power, health care, education, and housing. There are so much ways that we are behind, and this is crazy because we should be more powerful" he said.

No Shackles and Chains will be featured on Ras Slick's forthcoming album, ERA.

- C.C.

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