High expectations for Smirnoff Wata Land

January 28, 2017
DJ Hattaklaps

Carlos from the Go Hard Family said that expectations are high for the second staging of Smirnoff Wata Land, a cooler fete which takes place tonight at the Go Hard Car Wash in Riverton Meadows, Kingston.

"Team Go Hard Entertainment has teamed up with Smirnoff, the world's leading vodka, to create the ultimate party experience for patrons of all class or ethnic backgrounds," said Carlos Go Hard.

"This party is the perfect mix of uptown high rollers meeting regular patrons on a tight budget, but all having equal fun."


Huge success


The promoter said that the first staging was held last October and was a huge success with more than 1,500 patrons attending the event.

For this staging, the fun will increase with more than 10,000 gallons of water, a swimming pool and a giant water slide. A VIP dry area will also be available for persons who do not want to get wet.

Music will be provided by Ritchie Supreme, No Limits Sound, DJ Hattaklaps, Ricky Famous and DJ Banka.

"There will be adequate parking and security for your vehicles so feel free to come out early this Saturday and enjoy the Smirnoff Wata Land," said Carlos, while adding that it will cost $300 to enter the party before midnight and $500 after.

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