'Reggae Month is not enough' - Tifa wants more to be done to celebrate the music

February 02, 2017
Tifa wants more to be done to observe the contribution of music to Jamaica's development.

Dancehall artiste Tifa feels that enough is not being done to celebrate reggae music and that dancehall artistes are not sufficiently supported by the Government.

The Dash Out deejay made her thoughts known during an interview with THE STAR at the newspaper's North Street, Kingston offices yesterday.

February was declared as Reggae Month in 2008 in a bid to celebrate the impact, of the musical genre on the country's social, cultural and economic development.

Although she will be participating in an event during Reggae Month, Tifa feels that a bit more can be done to celebrate the musical genre.

"It's always good to celebrate where we're coming from and what we have achieved. It's always good. I don't think we do enough of it," she said.

Tifa said that Jamaica should not wait for a specific time of the year to recognise the contribution of reggae to the country's development. Pointing to the United States as an example, Tifa said that country has several holidays that are used to observe aspects of United States culture.

"Reggae, our music in particular, reggae, and sports has done so much worldwide. I mean, we should delve in it more often, or I feel like the Government could give us a likkle more support, especially where dancehall is concerned," the dancehall artiste said.

Tifa is slated to perform at the Redemption Live Concert on Sunday in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew. Although excited about the show, she doesn't believe that the celebration of reggae should be confined to one month.

Meanwhile, Tifa leaves the island next week to execute a six-city/seven stop tour in Canada," she told THE STAR.

"I went to Canada three times last year, now I have a tour," she said. The tour will take her to Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, with the seventh stop doubling up in Toronto.

"We doing Vancouver," she reiterated. "Dem always carry reggae bands there, but I'm the first dancehall act in The Wadorf. "

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