Artistes seek success in international reggae markets

February 08, 2017
Clarence Joseph
Artiste Hebrew

Reggae act Artiste Hebrew is generating a lot of attention in Europe with his latest collaboration single, 'Great I Am', featuring Clarence Joseph.

The single, released under the High Altitude label, is getting airplay on several local radio stations as well as in the Caribbean and UK. The song highlights several social issues, and according to the duo, reggae must always be conscious and not just during Reggae Month.

"Yeah, it's Reggae Month and we are in a celebration mode, but reggae must be positive all year, yuh nuh. Reggae must be played all year and that is our mission. That is why we keep putting in the work and create real music to educate, empower and uplift, like our forefathers set it," Artiste Hebrew said.


Looking to dominate


The single is the second track released by Artiste Hebrew, who is also promoting another song, See Them Coming.

Clarence Joseph, on the other hand, has been working on several records of his own and hopes to tap into the international market with his work.

"I am looking to dominate places like Germany, France, Africa and the United Kingdom, basically, every major market for reggae because the time is now, and we are here to make a lasting impression on the world. Some people are far too concerned with running Jamaica when the world is such a big place to conquer. I just wanna play my part in spreading this good news of reggae to the four corners of the Earth," he told THE STAR.

Publicist Karl Durrant, who represents both artistes, also chimed in to express his belief in the artistes.

"This is another special moment for reggae music. Every now and then we have acts who stand out among their peers and this is one of those times. These two artistes realise that music is a business and they know the value of quality over quantity," he said.

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