Darrio running own show - upbeat despite not having a manager

February 08, 2017

Since parting company with the Subkonshus record label last year, dancehall artiste Darrio has taken management matters into his own hands with a team that "operates like a label and a PR company.

"It's basically me just getting the job done, until mi get an official management contract," Darrio told THE STAR.

Without any official representation, Darrio has created the Project Darrio Movement.

According to the artiste, though there is no official manager, the progress of his career has not stalled since severing ties with Subkonshus.

"With the Subkonshus label, the focus was not Darrio. So nuh matter how much you put in, you get the same result," he explained. "It's not as difficult in that regard, because we know wah we ah do, and when we get any result, ah because ah di work we put in. We can also regroup when we try somethin' an' it nuh work."

But Darrio said moving on has had its drawbacks. He said some people simply don't like the fact that he left the label, and they no longer deal with him.

But work has not slowed for the artiste.

"We have upcoming shows and an upcoming Jamaica tour. After mi leave Subkonshus, is not like I get less shows. I actually get more shows." he said.

Darrio told THE STAR that he recently wrapped up a five-stop tour in Belize, with another coming up in April.

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