I meant no harm - Fabian Vendetta didn’t intend to diss Spice, Kartel in song

February 08, 2017
Fabian Vendetta
Vybz Kartel
Fabian Vendetta

Fabian Vendetta, the man behind the diss track, Prison Warder, is ready to clear the air surrounding the notorious song.
The up-and-coming artiste said he has decided to now come forward, to not only finally confirm that he is indeed the ‘Alkaline soundalike’ on the track, but to also explain why he has remained silent and in the shadows over the last few weeks.
In Prison Warder, insults were levelled at Spice, Vybz Kartel and Popcaan. Last week, Spice responded with Who Sing It, that was aimed at both Alkaline and Fabian Vendetta.
However, Fabian Vendetta explained that the circumstances surrounding the release of the track made him hesitant to own up to it, especially because he was aware that it could come off as being offensive to many entertainers.

Fun thing

“The song was leaked. A bunch a we deh inna di studio and decide fi freestyle some songs. There is a guy who sounds similar to Popcaan, and him start deejay and a do him ting. Him say certain things bout Alkaline, and me say no man yuh can’t deal wid mi artiste so, and me go inna di booth and just start answer. There and then, me say mi just a go take on everybody,” he explained.
“It was a fun thing. Mi never expect fi di song get released. Wah happen is that there was an engineer guy there at the studio with us who hear the song, cut it and fix it up. Him send it to couple a him fren dem fi dem listen, and a from deh so it just start go all over the place.”
Fabian Vendetta told THE STAR that after realising that people had figured out that he was behind the song, he could no longer remain silent.
“Yuh done know we say a freestyle, we a freestyle, and so we just a talk a bag a things and just a deejay,” he said. “We know dem tune yah nah touch di road so we let loose. Mi never expect it fi get out there like this, much less fi people take things so seriously.”
He revealed that things got so intense, especially among fans of the different entertainers mentioned in the song, that he has received several threats via social media. He maintains, however, that he is not worried as he was just spitting lyrics and nothing else.


“Everybody know from long time say me rate Alkaline and people always say me sound like him, so me did just a voice me opinion on everything based on what I think he would have said. As me say, it wasn’t a song that was supposed to go out to the public so me never see anything wrong and me still nuh see nothing wrong because is just a lyrical thing. People just always haffi take things too serious.”
Despite the threats, the deejay said that if he had to change anything surrounding the issue, he wouldn’t as all the buzz around the song has helped to move his career forward.
“People know who I am now. Mi a get call from producers all over because dem a say da yute yah bad. I am very happy with the outcome and I have no regrets. Me never expect all a dis, but it a work,” he said.
Since doing Prison Warder, Fabian Vendetta has released another track called Mr Death, a single he said that has also been receiving a lot of attention because of the buzz from Prison Warder.




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