Bounty Killer slams Foota Hype - Deejay says selector shouldn't use his name for attention

February 09, 2017
Bounty Killer
Foota Hype

Dancehall selector Foota Hype recently became the laughing stock on social media after he attempted to gain an acting gig on 50 Cent's popular television series 'Power' by using Bounty Killer's name to get 50 Cent's attention.

In the note addressed to 50 Cent, Foota Hype wrote: "50 Cent, I need a role in that movie. I am the gangster DJ from Jamaica. Look mi up. I was standing beside Bounty Killa in Jamaica the first time you came there. Link up".




However, Bounty Killer, who has been at odds with Foota Hype following disparaging comments he made during an interview, seized the opportunity to tell the top-flight DJ to desist from using his name as reference.

"This big male groupie. The ni... doesn't know you, dawg. I can't believe is my name this b.... using to get recognition. If mi never hot, why my name is the only way 50 Cent might remember? You tell him your name, the groupie guy," Bounty Killer said.

"This guy who mi bring pon private jet 747 Boeing all over the world swear that he isn't playing my songs anymore. But he is using my name to get recognition. What that add up to, fake or funny?"

When contacted, Foota Hype said that he mentioned Bounty Killer's name for the artiste to respond negatively, and in the process increase his chances of reaching 50 Cent's ears.

"I expected him to comment, so him fall inna di trap. If I wanted to use his name in a certain way I would at [@] him or tag him. I could also DM 50 Cent if I wanted to, but I wanted it to be in public so social media would get involved. Look Bounty Killer name Grunggaadzilla on Instagram, and I am sure 50 Cent don't know that name ... maybe if him did name Bounty Killer. So, as I said, my motive was to bait Bounty," he said.

Foota also stressed that he was serious in his bid to be part of the Power cast.

"What Bounty did has triggered more people to see that I want the role. So, big up to Bounty. Your response was very valuable. I was the one who unfollowed Bounty Killer on Instagram in the first place, so people must know that," he said.

As for his acting skills, Foota Hype said he always had dreams of branching off into acting.

"I did acting in school days, and I love drama. Don't take social media lightly. I might make a simple comment and 50 Cent cast me for real and the same people who laughing now would be congratulating me," he said.

He also said if Bounty Killer was to accidentally get a role on Power due to the controversy he caused, he would not be upset since the icon needs a boost.

"I put it into the universe, so anything is possible," Foota Hype said.

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