Organisers defend Youth View Awards - Say they are disappointed with Nesbeth's comments

February 24, 2017
Khloe Clarke

Organisers of the Youth View Awards (YVA) are now distancing themselves from statements made by a crew member regarding recording artiste Nesbeth and his failure to nab an award at this year's event.

Jabari Henry, a member of this year's Youth View Awards hype crew, took to his Instagram page earlier this week to voice his opinion on the matter.

In his post, Henry stated that having had first-hand experience of the YVA's voting process, he believes the show gives all nominees a fair shot and he does not see the need for all the negativity surrounding the event.

"Deep down, these so-called 'artistes' know the whole process of the show and still try to pin the blame on the Youth View Awards.

"Nesbeth couldn't compete with Vybz Kartel in no shape or form because Kartel fan base is gigantic. He (Kartel) has some diehard loyal fans. Other artistes should get some too. Think outside the box ... instead of being childish and blaming the show. Unuh go blame unuh fans."




Following the YVAs last weekend, Nesbeth took to social media to voice his displeasure with the show after he lost in the Favourite Local Chart-topping Song of the Year category. Nesbeth's hit song, My Dream, was up for the award, but Vybz Kartel's Fever came out on top.

However, Khloe Clarke, marketing and business development executive at An Elegant Affair Events organisers of YVA, stated that the views expressed by Henry are his own and do not reflect the opinions of the Youth View Awards.

"He (Henry) has been a fan of the show for quite some time and so I think he was speaking as a fan. He's been following the show for a very long time and he genuinely cares about the show," she said.

"I think in his passion, he didn't realise that you can't make statements like that. He was on the ground and so he got a first-hand experience of our voting system, and I guess he was just very upset. He released a statement after apologising because he knew that it wasn't worded the best way and we wouldn't want to offend anybody. The YVAs supports all artistes whether they win or lose and we wouldn't want to offend Nesbeth or any of his fans."

Clarke explained that the show's organisers were disappointed with how Nesbeth chose to deal with the situation, but sought to reassure all entertainers that the show was completely  transparent.

"The stance of the YVAs is that we support all artistes," she said. "It's unfortunate that he felt like he wasn't being celebrated because he did not win, but we don't have anything against Nesbeth or any other artiste. We wish he didn't react that way but he had every right to leave. That was his decision. We want him to recognise that being nominated in and of itself is an achievement."

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