Blacka Di Danca gets Jamaican love

March 07, 2017
Ding Dong and the Ravers Clavers dancers in performance.
Contriuted Spice
Blacka Di Danca

American dancehall dancer Blacka Di Danca was recently in Jamaica, where he taught a string of dance classes as well as visited local events.

According to the dancer, Jamaicans are very hospitable.

"I met up with Bling Dawg, Spice, Ding Dong, and it was real nice. I stopped at Windward Road and did the Rock di World dance from Shakesphere, and it was cool vibes," Blacka Di Danca said.

"The locals in Jamaica give me the same respect that I get in New York because they love entertainment, they love seeing people dance, and they love seeing people enjoy themselves," he added.

The dancer, who choreographed Nyla's dance routine for the recently concluded Youth View Awards, said he connected with the former Brick and Lace singer through Major Lazer. He also commended Jamaican dancers for being welcoming.

"I went out with Killa Beans, Gabbidon and Energy Bermuda ... . They invited me to join the action in the dancehall. It is about the worldwide connection, and to see that they respect me and they don't shun me means everything," he said.

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