Disney gay scenes anger Jamaicans

March 07, 2017
Foota Hype
Herro Blair Jr

The child-focused Disney channel has been facing heated backlash in Jamaica recently, with many claiming that it is pushing a gay agenda.

This, after it aired a same-sex scene in a TV show, and announced plans to feature a lead gay character in an upcoming film.

Among those calling for the channel to be banned from the air in the country is popular dancehall producer and selector Foota Hype.

He reposted a screenshot of Disney Channel's first same-sex kiss, featured on one of its most popular shows, Star vs The Forces of Evil.

Originally shared by popular online media platform, The Shade Room, the image shows two male cartoon characters sharing a compassionate embrace, much to the chagrin of the selector.




Foota's Instagram post read in its caption: "Well, let's see if [Lisa Hanna] and the Prime Minister gonna move to ban Disney channel off every cable provider in Jamaica as it's unfit for kids and will corrupt their minds. Most important, being gay is illegal by law in Jamaica so I'll wait patiently for their input, hope it will be speedy and widely spoken like when they discriminate against my dancehall."

Yesterday, Foota said the country's leaders, regardless of political affiliation, must understand they "cannot crucify dancehall music and leave everything else open."

But prominent minister of religion Reverend Herro Blair Jr is calling on the family to protect children from the normalisation of homosexuality that has been permeating the media.

"It's going to be difficult to cry for censorship now when we have not cried for censorship with shows such as Empire and everyone of these shows that have a homosexual character. The kids are already being told that this is an alright way of life," Blair reasoned.

He said families must do their own censorship.

"We have to decide from the homes what we want for our families. The parents must say if Disney is going to be showing these things, let us put the pressure on them by not watching or not accepting it as a cable channel for our children," he said

Meanwhile, Latoya Nugent, associate director at the JFLAG, told THE STAR that she is aware of the discussion that has been taking place regarding the Disney content, but the organisation is focusing its energies on pertinent issues.

"We are concerned about the violence against women and children, and while we are in fact an advocacy organisation, we have to be strategic about how we engage the media and about what kind of issues," Nugent said.

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