Stacious declares war on fat

March 15, 2017
Regular exercise is now associated with more health benefits than at anything else in man's history.

This is the second in a two-part series of articles from the pen of dancehall artiste Stacious.

Whether you want to term her as outspoken, outrageous or over the top, the 2017 woman is taking no chances in ensuring that there is not an ounce of fat spared in reaching her fitness goals.

The new-age woman is dealing with exercise and fitness to achieve abs, that bodacious booty, or just feeling healthy in order to be wealthy. We can all agree that having a rocking body comes with a lot of work, persistence and diligence.

I'm known mainly because of music, but I can bet most persons don't know I wear the hats of wife, fitness instructor, lifestyle coach and radio presenter, and you can add to that, columnist.




I have gained physical health and wellness through changing my diet, eating less of what is not good for me and more of what's right. I've even gone as far as downloading an app - yes, an app to chart the course for all that I consumed.

You name it, the app will find it and calculate the calories. On a typical day, I set my calories to approx 1,300 and log as I consume. I'm guided by the maxim, 'If you push to reach it, you will achieve it'. And in the sense, ladies, don't overdo on those weight loss goals.

Being healthy is better than achieving 'Barbie goals'. What have I given up? Nothing, really. It's all about balance. The occasional sweet treat and guilty pleasures aren't leaving my menu anytime soon. I am putting in work at the gym, or at home, and ensuring I keep on track.

I prepare meals that are geared towards the better body, the better me, and of course, the better boobie - in my Tanto voice. Step into my room.

What I've come to accept is that God made us special and beautiful, so don't mind the high stomach or thick arms, flabby thighs or just no curves or booty. We are who we are and we need to care our bodies. Fill up on good wholesome food, rest and balanced everyday workout. Don't 'over dweet', just bounce!

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