War songs aren't marketable - Yellowman slams 'bad man' music

April 13, 2017
Yellowman strikes a pose at Soca on the Beach.

Legendary dancehall artiste King Yellowman is batting for better lyrical content from recording artistes.

The icon, who is also known for his sexually charged lyrics during his years on top of dancehall's throne, believes today's music is simply too blunt and violent.

Yellowman, who spoke to THE WEEKEND STAR at the recently concluded Soca On The Beach concert, noted that he was no saint, but he did music with class.

"It kinda bad because more time di people dem nah really do the right thing nowadays. We want them to start doing the right music and the real music as it relates to content. We can't bother with the bad man thing. I stayed clear of certain content and made good music. I do my music to inspire people, and the world is too serious right now. To do music pushing war makes no sense," he said.

The artiste also said dancehall acts who stick to violent music are not very marketable globally since war songs only appeal to a small niche market.




"Most of the guys who do bad man type of music, people don't want to see that a foreign. They are only seen by the bad man type of audience, so they will always do bad man music. I just want dem to do the real music because when you are starting in the music, you have to start good if you want to end good. That is why my music, Bob music, Shabba, Shaggy and nuff other veteran music still relevant," he said.

As for the new sound of dancehall rhythms, Yellowman said he had no issues with the sound of beats. However, he is very concerned about the lyrical content.

"I can ride any rhythm dem make because I born wid the talent. But a just the lyrics mi nuh like, and mi want dem work pan dat," he said.

The two-time Grammy nominee also said he has been playing a lot of basketball in order to stay healthy, especially since he has a hectic touring schedule.

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