Ras Slick drops new video

May 05, 2017
Ras Slick

Reggae singer Ras Slick is winning over audiences with his song 'No Shackles and Chains', which was produced by Ras Slick and Kappah Records.

The politically and socially fuelled tune is inspiring listeners worldwide, driving home the message that oppressed people will decry all forms of slavery and vow to break free from any chain that binds them.

The video premiered on the website Reggaeville.com recently. It was shot in two days and filmed just outside Washington, DC, Consistent with the theme of the song's cover art, No Shackles and Chains was shot with cameos from a plethora of amazing artists and musicians from the Metropolitan Washington, DC area.

Live captivating shots of Ras Slick are intertwined with footage of events which depict what black people have endured throughout history.

While the video offers graphic reminders of turbulent times, the images speak to the strength of the people and reaffirm what will no longer be tolerated.

"This project was created with people in mind. The perfectly aligned song and video encourage all of us to keep moving forward and rise above attempts of the powers that be to enslave us," said Ras Slick. "A unified people are a powerful people. This take-home message will resonate with all people, whether the oppressor or the oppressed."

Although No Shackles and Chains is a serious video, Ras Slick hopes to convey the song's hopeful and positive message.

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