Black Mattic targets Masicka with 'Teach Dem'

May 13, 2017
Black Mattic

Dancehall entertainer Masicka has come under attack from fans of overseas-based dancehall artiste Black Mattic, following the release of his single 'Top Striker'.

Black Mattic claims he is the first to have used the 'top striker' moniker and contends that he wants the public to know that he is the originator.

The DJ Sunshine-produced song, which has been making the rounds on social media and local radio, has since been counteracted by Black Mattic with a lyrically potent response titled Teach Dem, which has tongues wagging.

According to Black Mattic, despite aiming the diss song at Masicka, he is not interested in a lyrical battle.

"I was in the US closing my distribution deal when I got the call regarding the top striker invasion by such man, and knowing my fans, they were expecting me to clarify certain things, which I did. Now it's back to making major moves, top striker has always been my moniker," he bluntly stated.

Despite being known mostly for party songs, Black Mattic says he is a versatile artiste and has sent a stern message to the industry at large that he is no pushover.

"Street credibility is a big part of dancehall so I could not allow someone to just steal my ting. As a youth from the inner city, I want to make it clear to some of them overhyped, overnight artistes here that I am not a pushover. I may be educated and the ladies seh mi nuh hard to look on but best believe I can lyrically execute any artiste," stated Black Mattic.

Currently, Black Mattic is also promoting his single Two Pound Sugar which features Singer Jay. He also recently released a mixtape produced by ZJ Elektra.

Masicka was unavailable for comment.

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