D'Angel rides Dexta Daps' wave with 'Whipped'

June 17, 2017
Dexta Daps

Dancehall artiste D'Angel is generating much attention on radio as well as street parties with her new single called 'Whipped', a counteraction to Dexta Daps' controversial 'Owner'.

The sinjay told THE STAR that her career has been taking on new life.

"Right now, the first lady of dancehall is in the prime of her career as an artiste. I am ready to take the music to another level. I am whipping dancehall into a frenzy and bringing sexy back, honing my craft and releasing my creativity," she said.

The song, Whipped, is released on the Unisyz Muzik label.

The song itself has gained a major boost online after a video was posted online showing Dexta Daps cozying up to D'Angel in the first-class section of a plane, prompting several comments from dancehall fans speculating about the nature of relationship. However, she refused to confirm or deny any rumours.

"I plan to do a sexy music video for the single, given the overwhelming response. My image is sexiness. The rhythm is sexy. So, the response has been amazing so far," she said.

D'Angel is booked to appear at upcoming events islandwide such as Purple Slush in St Thomas in July as well as the Ocho Rios Seafood Festival and the Curry Festival in Portland.

"I am currently in talks with promoters overseas for the second leg of my US tour, so fans can catch up with me on my social media handles for more information," she said.

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