Air Suppy sings for charity tonight

June 24, 2017
Air Supply
Air Supply's Russell Hitchcock performing in MoBay.
Graham Russell

Air Supply has done several charity shows across the world over the years, performing for free for worthy causes.

Tonight, however, when the duo of Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell, perform at Couples Sans Souci in St Mary, at a benefit concert for the paediatric ward at the St Ann's Bay Regional Hospital, it will be a really special occasion for them.

"It's a great cause and sometimes you gotta give, you get it back in," Hitchcock said.

"Love," Graham Russell chimed in.

The two are not just famous musicians, they are down-to-earth, fun-loving guys.

"We visited there (paediatric ward) a couple years ago and when you live in the US and you see - and not just the US, most countries in the world - the health care that's available for children, it needs support and input from any kind of celebrity, plus anybody that's got any spare cash. It's a great cause. We saw babies who need much more attention than can be afforded, so we're just happy to be here and support the cause."

"We do it (charity) if it's a great cause," Russell added. "I think we've been very fortunate over the last decades and sometimes you gotta give back and show your respect and support for things and this is one of those times."


Positive attitude


The duo also love it here in Jamaica. They first performed here about a decade ago and have returned several times since. They feel, too, that the love is reciprocated.

"First and foremost the people here, great people here, every positive attitude in a human being everybody seems to have it; the weather is a little bit hot for me, but it's always great, the food is great, the Red Stripe is great," said Hitchcock.

"The reception was amazing and it has been, every time we come back. People here love Air Supply and it's genuine love."

And, after 42 years in the business, Air Supply has many moments, stand-out moments. In fact, too many to pick a favourite.

Russell's favourite song in their catalogue, like most people in the world, it seems, is All Out Of Love. Hitchcock says the honours are shared between All Out Of Love and Lost In Love, because the latter started the road to their international success.

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