Jonnah looks to go mainstream after Magnum success

June 28, 2017

Dancehall artiste Jonnah doesn't believe that there is a 'Magnum curse', but believes there are several factors which contribute to the perception that Magnum Kings and Queens winners cannot cross over into mainstream acceptance.

"I feel that the sponsors can do much more to push the individuals who win the contest, but largely, as a winner, you are on your own, left out in the cold to fight the battle for yourself," said Jonnah, who won in 2013.

He said he appreciated the competition and had a good relationship with the sponsors but felt more needs to be done in terms of production and promotion support for the winners to elevate them before the boost from winning the contest waters down.

Jonnah believes he can overcome any obstacle, as referenced to the biblical story of Jonah and the whale.

"Even if there is a Magnum curse, mi ah go defeat it. We nah stay inna the whale belly," he said, laughing.

He believes that the corporate sponsors who own the Magnum brand can inject more capital and technical support to winners, by using their likeness to push their products.

"We are supposed to be ambassadors. The winners should be in TV ads that promote the brand, and that can keep your name relevant. They can use their clout to help the artistes generate radio play. More can be done, but instead yu have to go back in your pocket," the artiste, whose real name is Jonah Marlando Jack, said.

He followed up his win with songs such as the popular ‘One T Shirt,’ and the catchy ‘Temporary Friend' but both suffered from lack of sustained promotion.

In March, Jonnah inked a deal with US-based management firm, Lotaya Management. Two weeks ago, he dropped the single, 'Money ah Di Topic', on the firm's label.

He also released a new music video which will be added to rotation on local TV.

Jonnah is set to debut his first EP this summer, 'The Rebirth of Jonnah' by year end. "There are some Caribbean shows for Antigua and Trinidad in the works," Jonnah added.

Former contestants like Deepjahi, Baby Tash, Clymaxx and Specialist all left the competition with a strong following but none have managed to translate that following into mainstream.

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