Dann-I gets boost from Alborosie's rhythm

June 30, 2017

Reggae artiste Dann-I is gearing up to release the visuals for his Alborosie-produced single, 'Put In The Work'. The record has roots reggae elements, and is intended to highlight the fact that music is a regular job despite its perks.

The artiste, who was introduced to the music industry as the lead singer of popular boy band, 'Q', is now working with veteran artiste manager Sunny Spoon, who is known for his work with I-Wayne.

Dann-I recently told THE WEEKEND STAR that Alborosie's co-sign along with Spoon's experience is a formula for success.

"In the initial stages of your career, people take music for waste of time because they don't see your full success. When family members see that you have not decided to be a lawyer or a doctor, they think it's not worth it. But mi just a gwaan put in the work which is why I did this song. I wanted to be a doctor when I was young and I did all the sciences and I passed my chemistry and biology exams, but I was very enthusiastic about music," he said.

Put In The Work appears as track number seven on Alborosie's 12-track compilation rhythm titled His Majesty. The rhythm also features Sizzla Kalonji, Mr Vegas, Gentleman, Alborosie, Christopher Martin and Yung Jr.

"This song is roots, and I always loved roots reggae because I am a fan of the bass. When I was in the group, I always wanted to do reggae songs instead of Boyz II Men and stuff like that. As Jamaicans we have to just work with our authentic thing," he said.

Dann-I has already appeared on Rebel Salute, Reggae Sumfest and Stepping High Festival. However, he is yet to make his debut in Alborosie's stamping ground, Europe. Nonetheless, he feels that the success of Put in The Work could see him making his way into Europe for the first time.




"Dem give mi a real strength. Memba seh a Alborosie that, enuh. He could have picked anybody to be on his rhythm and him choose to put me on it, so mi grateful for that. I am pushing my song in Jamaica and people like it. When I post a video on Instagram, I typically see 200 views. But as mi put up this song it gone over 5,000 views in a few days, so that shows that I have something special," he said.

The 'His Majesty' rhythm compilation is currently being distributed by Greensleeves Records.

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