Oliver to tour with 'Frenemy'

July 06, 2017
Oliver Samuels

Theatre legend Oliver Samuels is gearing up for a short run in Jamaica with his new play, 'Frenemy', because of pressing overseas commitments, which include a six-month overseas tour and filming of new TV show.

"Typically, Oliver Samuels does a six-month run in Jamaica from December until May. However, due to the international response for the historic reunion of him and Volier 'Maffy' Johnson after 15 years, there will be a limited run in Jamaica. Ticket sales are set to break records as thousands of tickets were sold before the show opened on June 30.

"To meet the demand, he has gone to a bigger theatre, one that holds twice the number of patrons as his last show and added extra shows on the weekend," Shona Lee S. Thompson, marketing manager of Whirlwind International Group which is hosting the play.




Frenemy will runs until August 27 at the Jamaican Shopping Club Theatre, the former home of Green Gables Playhouse. The cast will also feature local stars Dennis Titus and Lakeisha.

Samuels' Who A Di Don, Embassy Saga and Dollyhouse are regarded as classics in Jamaican theatre and critics are already hinting that Frenemy could potentially become another staple in theatre history.

Samuels is expected to make stops in the UK, the US, Canada and the Caribbean.

The veteran is also producing his new TV show, Oliver's Return to Paradise, which will signal his return to commercial television.

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