Sumfest fuels transport sector

July 18, 2017
Adrian Parkinson

For tour operator Adrian Parkinson, throughout the years, Reggae Sumfest has had a tremendous impact, not only for himself, but the entire ground transportation sector across western Jamaica.

He said during the period of the festival, there is always a windfall for tour operators because as hotel bookings increase, so does the demand for bus and taxi services.

"It has had a good impact on the transportation sector over the years. More people from the United States ventured down to Jamaica because of the international artistes, based on my experience," said Parkinson, who is the president of JUTA Lucea Chapter.

"They come and they want a mix of everything, and they spend the three or four nights. They take it as a vacation, where they come, enjoy the music, party, visit attractions, and so forth. It has had a very good impact on the local transportation sector. Income-wise, a lot of local transportation operators get something from it, so they look forward to it," he said.

Parkinson said among the services for which the demand increases are airport transfers, day excursions and tours and transportation to the Reggae Sumfest venue at Catherine Hall.

"A lot of the tourists go out to attractions during the day, get back to the hotels, take a four-hour nap, and go to Sumfest in the night," he explained.

"Most times, what you find is that from the first meeting, that driver becomes their driver throughout the duration of their stay."

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