Rising Stars alum DJ Face now a registered nurse

July 19, 2017
DJ Face
DJ Face

Dancehall artiste DJ Face is now a registered nurse in the US.

According to the deejay who placed fourth in Digicel Rising Stars in 2005, she enrolled in the New York Institute for Nursing because it is important to have a backup plan.

"I always had it as my second choice and so I decided to go through with it since I migrated. I like to take care of people and I always take care of my grandparents, so I always felt it was something I could do based on my experience," she said.

DJ Face, who also famously gave Anthony Miller the alias 'Killer Miller', spoke to THE STAR at the recently concluded BRT Weekend. She said she still has love for music.

"When you are living in the States it is good to have a profession. Music is something I love but nursing pays my bills perfectly right now," she said. "I also did well in school and I got top scores in my class, like 100 per cent, 98 per cent and so forth. I still find time for music and I host parties frequently ... but you have to have a backup plan in life. I got pregnant and I have my son so I did not want to sit down and wait on anybody, so I developed myself and make my own money," she said.




The deejay, who last released a song called Bed Room Fight in 2016, said she will be improving her visibility in time for Sting 2017.

"I still have it and I have a surprise coming soon. I am working with a major producer that I won't reveal as yet, but something special is going to happen," she said.

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