Gage calls Chronixx wagonist

July 25, 2017

Dancehall artiste Gage has lashed out at fellow artiste Chronixx this week, labelling him a "wagonist Rasta".

"Chronixx is a fool. First of all, mi did rate Chronixx because him at a level where him a try teach people something, but come on, man, you would do a song with Alkaline and Kartel, but not me? Like, really? If you made the comments based on the fact seh dem out deh and bigger than me, then yuh is a wagonist. And if is because mi do the song Throat, then him a wagonist because dem man de song bout brawta, too. Him mek mi feel like Rasta people a one of the duttiest people inna Jamaica. Chronixx, a fool that, man," he said.

Gage made his comments during an interview with popular programme Nightly Fix.

Gage had been responding to a comment Chronixx made recently on his Instagram live feed after a fan asked him if he would do a collab with him. Chronixx said that he would not do a collab with Gage but later told fans that he would do a collab with Vybz Kartel and named some other international artistes that he would do collabs with.

Those comments irked the Dancehall Documentary deejay.

"Who is Chronixx? Him mention a long list of foreign artistes who sing bout worse things than we. Who is Chronixx? Him nuh walk pon water bout ya," he said.

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