Di Unit celebrates two years of success

July 29, 2017
Di Unit

Di Unit is now celebrating two years of success since its separation from another popular sound system.

According to Di Unit's manager, Tall Boss, the sound system has already overtaken older rivals.

"Two years and going strong, it has been great. Ups and downs like any other business, but we give thanks. We have been travelling a lot, doing a lot of overseas gigs, and corporate society has been good to us. We have the strongest presence in the Portmore area," he said.

Tall Boss also said his team tries to deliver a special kind of entertainment.

"We are about entertainment beyond the ordinary, and our leading MC, Badda Bling, always tries to interact with the fans of music more than the average selector," he said. "He attacks social issues and current issues, and people like the little twist because he doesn't just entertain, he educates. The dancehall age group changes every year so we do as many school events as possible so that the kids can grow with Di Unit and have us as their sound."

Tall Boss also gave credit to the music industry for his overnight success.




"We have used social media to capitalise on the audience. We are also good with all recording artistes so they support us with dubs and jingles," he said. "Your dreams and aspirations will make you grow and you have to use bad experiences as a lesson. So we learn from the mistakes that were made with the previous sound system so we know what to fix. We stay true to each other and we are more than business partners, we are like family."

Di Unit is booked for Dream Weekend and recently performed at Reggae Sumfest. They also have a school tour planned for September.

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