After tragic loss of girlfriend - Stamma Gramma set to make dancehall return

July 31, 2017
Stamma Gramma

After taking a three-year break from the music scene in order to tend to his girlfriend, who suffered from cancer, Stamma Gramma is now seeking to make a return to the entertainment business.

Stamma Gramma said his girlfriend died earlier this year after a battle with liver cancer.

"I decided to take myself out of the spotlight for three years because my spouse was enduring treatment for cancer and I just wanted to be by her side. After she died, I still did not feel the energy to do back music right away because it was a lot to deal with ... . You know, cancer is serious thing," he said.

The artiste, who broke onto the music scene batting for Alkaline's Vendetta camp, said he is hoping for a major breakthrough in cancer treatment and possible cure.




"We need to find a way to cure this disease fast because it is taking the lives of so many good persons. Once upon a time, persons used to be concerned about AIDS, but from cancer start take the place by storm, nobody even speaks of AIDS that much, and that shows how serious of a problem cancer is in this world. I just want people to be aware and try your best to eat right. I try my best to eat natural foods and no bag a computer thing, not even technology I don't trust right now," he said.

Meanwhile, the deejay, who raised eyebrows with his song Scamma Anthem, recently released a new record titled Vendetta Clan Anthem. He said that he wants to pick up where he left off, even as he insists that he has no hard feelings towards Alkaline.

"Alkaline has put in a lot of work to be the man and I have to give him credit for that because it's deserving. I still continue to represent for Vendetta and I am not one to try and tear down another young artiste like some people would have it. The music industry needs unity, especially among us as young people trying to get money," he said.

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