Wild reactions to Aidonia's 'Yeah Yeah' song - Cops may issue public advisory

August 14, 2017
Patrons dancing up a storm at a recent party.


Aidonia's new song, Yeah Yeah, was only released just over a month ago, but already it is considered one of the hottest songs of the summer.

The song is said to emanate such a strong dancehall vibe that listeners cannot help but behave wildly when it is played.

The latter was proved to be the case in the latest video to surface on social media. The video which surfaced on the weekend shows a conductor dancing wildly to the JOP boss' song, hanging outside of the bus door while the vehicle is in motion.

The video garnered so much attention that it reached Aidonia himself, who reposted it on his official Instagram page.

Although there was no caption included with the video, a mere repost signalled an approval by the deejay, and, no doubt, gained more attention as the entertainer has over 300,000 followers.

However, social media users have had mixed reactions to the conductor's actions since the video surfaced.

Some users heaped praises on him, stating that the song Yeah Yeah, is such a hot tune, people can't help but react in a manner similar to the conductor's.

Others, however, lamented that while people have all right to enjoy themselves to their favourite song, there is a time and place for everything. They chided the conductor for his actions, pointing out that his 'enjoyment' could have set off a series of unfortunate events on the streets.

"This may look like fun but it is dangerous. So many things can go wrong," one user commented.

"I guess that's what this song does to you, but all is well until him drop off," another expressed.


Waterhouse route


Others questioned the whereabouts of the law enforcers in moments like these, when persons like the conductor need to be taught a lesson.

When The STAR contacted the police's communication arm, the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU), a sergeant on duty said while the police are aware of the video, no investigations have been launched into the video nor the behaviour of the bus conductor.

The sergeant explained that should an investigation begin, it would be conducted by the Hunts Bay police, as news surrounding the video suggests the bus plies the Waterhouse route.

The STAR tried to get in touch with the Hunts Bay police to obtain more information on the matter, but the phone rang without an answer.

The sergeant also took the time to say that from time to time, the police would issue advisories to motorists on how to conduct themselves on the road. He said in light of this latest video, law enforcers would be issuing one of those advisories in short order and would be looking out for any form of deviation from motorists and by extension, conductors.

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