ZJ Electra, Black Mattic team up

August 21, 2017
Busy Signal

Producer ZJ Elektra recently released the high-powered collaboration called, Pull Up' which features Black Mattic, Dejour, as well as dancehall heavyweights Spice and Busy Signal.

"The term 'Pull Up' in Jamaican parlance means the same as 'haul and pull', 'rewind that track', 'play that track again DJ' and the Jamaican favourite 'money pull up', and that is precisely what this track wants you to do, pull it up and play it again," ZJ Electra said.

The infectious singalong hook, which plays effortlessly on a tropical-infused dancehall beat suggests '... mi have a song mi want yuh play for me, play all day fi mi ...'

Industry players have been keeping an eye on the merger between ZJ Elektra's Elektracute Music Group (EMG) and Black Mattic's Official Hitz Music Group (OHMG), and this collaboration announces that dancehall's newest players are here to stay.

"The EMG and OHMG merger seeks to reclaim Jamaica as the musical foundation, while discovering and connecting musical experiences. This is not the first collaboration which has emerged from EMG and it will not be the last," ZJ Electra said

The single has been generating a lot of support in Jamaica and several countries worldwide.

Earlier this year, ZJ Elektra released, Hero Dance, an unlikely collaboration between Black Mattic, Marvin the Beast, and Facebook Hero, this song was featured on the Black Mattic Top Striker Freestyle Mixtape, which escalated in the Jamaican dancehall arena and became a featured hit in Japan.

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