Barbee flirts with 'Shy Guy' ... samples Diana King's hit on new single

August 29, 2017
Diana King

Nigerian-Jamaican dancehall artiste Barbee has a trend of creating modern music with old school flair.

This is evident in her newest single, 'Mercy' which samples Diana King’s smash 90s hit 'Shy Guy', infused with Barbee’s own lyrics.

“The track is about having fun in the dancehall, just a flirty young lady feeling self confidence with a party vibes,” said Barbee.

'Shy Guy' was the lead single on King's debut studio album 'Tougher Than Love' and was also the lead song on the soundtrack to the movie 'Bad Boys', starring Hollywood heavyweights Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

The song went to number two in the UK and peaked at number 13 in the US. 

But 'Mercy' is not Barbee's first foray into merging international sounds with traditional dancehall/reggae.

She has done collaborations with international hip hop artistes such as DJ Luke Nasty, Trina and Rock City who produced the artiste’s single, 'Whoa', that had Barbee featured as an independent artiste on BET Jams three times daily during the first week of its release in October last year.

That crossover single presented lyrical samples from Sister Nancy’s classic 'Bam Bam' from the 1980s.

'Mercy' is also produced by Rock City. Barbee decided that instead of recording the music video outside of Jamaica, she wanted to return to the source.

“Since everyone is following the Caribbean islands why should any of our local artistes just merge out 100 per cent without keeping to the base of it? We need to just stay true to our infectious culture and I have been able to get creative throughout by spending time here (in Jamaica),” said Barbee.

Barbee is now awaiting the video production before officially releasing 'Mercy', but has publicised the ‘Mercy Wine Challenge’ via Instagram that is hosted by popular dancer, Shelly Belly.

Though Barbee has not announced featuring the winner in the music video, it is likely to be a highlight of the video along with the singer’s own dance routine.

“You create what you feel, it’s a vibe you got to know where you’re coming from to know where you are going and who you are and I pride myself in expressing that in my music,” said Barbee.

As Barbee prepares to work on an EP, the singjay also plans to musically merge her Nigerian culture with Jamaican influences.



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