Miss Lou supporters missing - entertainment players urge support for 'icon' petition

September 01, 2017
Louise 'Miss Lou' Bennett Coverley

A petition urging the Government to make folklorist Louise Bennett Coverley (Miss Lou) an official national icon, is today well short of its 15,000 signature target as it has received little support from the public.

With the backlash from Ishawna's 'diss' to the late Miss Lou still fresh in the minds of many, industry insiders are urging Jamaicans to make as big a fuss about the petition.

Back in July, the Equal Rights singer came under heavy fire from many Jamaicans when she made reference to Miss Lou's chosen attire, the bandanna, as 'tablecloth'.

However, with the petition having been signed by just over 1,000 Jamaicans, industry insiders are puzzled as they ponder where the 'Miss Lou supporters' are when they are needed.

Reggae artiste Etana, while pointing out that the lack of support may be as a result of the majority of Jamaicans being unaware of the petition, stated that something as important as this should be highly publicised.




"You see how people stay? When is something negative, everybody hear about it, but when it's something positive, it's not highlighted," she said. "You see how people did beat down the young lady (Ishawna)? They gave that incident so much attention, and I think the same attention that was given to her comments about Miss Lou should be the same attention that people give now in helping to recognise her as an icon. The lack of support just goes to show you the society that we live in. The negative news always flies faster than the positive one."

The entertainer said she will be doing her part to make sure more people are aware of the petition by putting it on her social media pages.

Miss Jamaica World 2016 and entertainment student Ashlie Barrett believes that had the petition been properly publicised, 15,000 signatures would have been an easy target to hit.

"I don't see the petition being publicised anywhere. The persons who started the petition need to tap into the social media realm. I understand how people may see this lack of support and say 'look how quick we jump on Ishawna and now nothing', but I believe 15,000 signatures would come so easy if the public were made more aware of this petition. It's clear that Jamaicans respect Miss Lou, and so the lack of support all comes down to publicity or the lack thereof," she said.

Launched by social commentator Kevin O'Brien Chang on Jamaica House's website on May 12, the petition, to date, has received 1,153 signatures.

It closes on September 7, ironically Miss Lou's birthday.

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