Tony D Clutcheye tells 'My Story'

September 15, 2017
Tony D Clutcheye (left) and Sizzla.

'My Story', the 10-track album from Jamaica-born singjay Tony D Clutcheye, was released on September 1. The album, released by Gino XXL Entertainment, was produced by Swissivory and is being distributed by Zojak World Wide.

This is the first major collaboration between Tony D, Swissivory and the Netherlands-based label.

Tracks on the album include Rise Up, featuring Sizzla, Love Like This, Lord I Pray, Spotlight, Unforgettable, Good Times and Hurt Me. It offers a mix of dancehall, soul, rhythm and blues, Afrobeat influences and roots reggae beats.

"This album could be one of the most diverse albums released in 2017. With his mission to reach each and every music lover out there, Tony D made sure that his message touched on every possible subject," said label CEO George Sam-Korsah.

And he was rather pleased with Tony D's collaboration with Sizzla.

"When I first heard Rise Up, I immediately recognised a great song from a marketing perspective. Initially, the track featured a French rap artiste, and it was good. The beat has this militant energy to it, and right away Sizzla came to mind. I have a spiritual connection to Sizzla's music," said Sam-Korsah.

Tony D, who resides between Jamaica and Florida, is best known for the song Everything About Jah. His other efforts include Saliva (Dem a Choke) on the 'Swiss Phone' Rhythm, Dem No Loyal and Jungle Out Deh.

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