Sikka Rhymes defends Vybz Kartel affiliation

September 19, 2017
Sikka Rhymes (left) and Vybz Kartel.

Several recently taken photos have been circulating the Internet with incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel and aspiring artiste Sikka Rhymes. However, the deejay and producer, who hails from Portmore, says he is not bothered by the negative publicity he might draw from his affiliation with the self-proclaimed 'World Boss'.

Sikka Rhymes, who has also arranged collaborations between Vybz Kartel and Ishawna in recent times, told THE STAR that he is related to Vybz Kartel's co-accused, Shawn Storm.

"We reside in the same community, and as a young artiste I got introduced to him by my cousin, Shawn Storm. At the moment, I'm not signed to any labels under the Gaza brand, but my label, which is Sikk Records, is all about the Gaza movement and maintaining it. The affiliation with the deejay will bring me under the microscopes, yes, but I'm not worried about that," he said.

The young deejay also noted that the photos circulating on social media have brought him much attention. However, he said it was not his decision to reveal them to the public.

"To be honest, if it was up to me, maybe people still wouldn't know about our friendship. But nothing can be hidden from social media. The photos are very much real and not imitation, though," he said.

Sikka Rhymes also clarified allegations that he has been helping Vybz Kartel to record new music from behind bars, such as Washer Dryer, Ishawna's recent collaborative effort with Vybz Kartel.

"She was always a fan of Kartel's music, and she always wanted to be on a record with him. So I told him that she'd love to meet him and he allowed the visit, that's how she got introduced. The songs they claim he is recording behind bars are songs that have been voiced already. So, when I link him, we just talk bout business and such. I basically link the producers and tell them what to release, and pick songs. As you can see, the song with Shenseea wasn't originally a collaboration, but dem fix it up and make it look like that," said Sikka Rhymes, who is currently promoting a single, Weh Mi Woulda Do.

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