Dre Tosh struggles with uncle’s beating

October 09, 2017
Dre Tosh
Dre Tosh

The 23-year-old grandson of Peter Tosh, Dre Tosh, is still struggling, seven months after learning of the violent attack that left his uncle, Jawara McIntosh, in an unresponsive state.

When Dre Tosh travelled to see his uncle in New Jersey, he did not recognise the seriousness of the situation.

"When I arrived, Aunt Niambe asked if I was properly prepared before allowing me to see him, and when dem fly di curtain, if likkle more water was in my tear ducts I would not have been able to hold back the tears," Dre Tosh told THE STAR.

The young Tosh recalls that Jawara's skull had been partially sunken in and soft due to the surgical procedures which required the doctors to remove a part of the skeletal bone and his eyes could not open.

"He looked a way, I cannot even begin to describe the feeling, to see him without locks, his skull sunken in, it was painful," said Dre Tosh.

"If you experienced it how I did, you would cry because no one in the family told me. It was a business associate that gave me little information of the situation and though I was not close to him, it is my uncle and there is a strong connection," he continued.

The Don't You Worry singer and his aunt purchased a radio/MP3 player, so that music could be played for Jawara throughout his hospitalisation. The family is ensuring that their relative is still in the loop, by sharing jokes, conversing with him, and, of course, keeping him entertained, even though he is not able to communicate vocally. Dre Tosh confirmed that if his hand is held, he does give a weak squeeze.




"In the state that I saw him in, I could not find the strength to sing for him, instead we played non-stop Peter Tosh because the music keeps him settled, and even though I'm not sure if he can hear well, it is possible that it is helping him recuperate. I am hoping that he is able to think - that instead of recollecting on the incident, he is focused on the music," he said.

Since his first visit in April 2017, the up-and-coming reggae recording artiste has not returned. Instead, Dre Tosh has been focused on carrying on the legacy of his grandfather.

"He is in a condition, though he is getting better, me personally would not want to go back and look for him until he gets better, because it turn me completely soft and sad inside," he added.

The Tosh family is still not clear as to the cause of the attack and it is unfortunate to know that Jawara had been exposed to violence during his short sentence.

"What happened should not have been able to, not because it is my uncle or a Tosh, but in the system where even though you are considered a criminal, you should be protected. But I do respect the law, the law is the law even though I do not agree with it," said Dre Tosh.

The family remains positive that Jawara will improve. Jawara's mother, Melody Cunningham, is the main person in charge of his care, though he is still hospitalised.

The young Tosh has been keeping up to date on his uncle's condition and was happy to learn that his right eye opened about a week ago.

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