Party animals crowd UTech’s Barn for silent party

October 09, 2017
Masses of headphones lights seen at Beer Silence at UTech Barn
Shangwe Linton gives us a sexy pose while she struts through Beer Silence at UTech's barn last Saturday.
A group of friends enjoying soca played on blue channel during Beer Silence first anniversary event.
Gal pals enjoy different channels during Beer Silence at UTech's barn last Saturday.
From left : Tamara Johnson, entrepreneur and owner of NaturalistaJa says its all about girls night with Juzel Parkins, vegetarian lifestyle chef at Beer Silence.

Beer Silence was held for the third time last Saturday at The Barn, University of Technology, and it was far from silent.

The venue was filled to capacity and the sounds of the patrons in a chorus could not be missed from the entrance of the campus. It was clear that promoters did not expect the level of support received.

"Last night was epic, having seen that the event garnered over 500 patrons, both new and returning," said Francois Mitchell, one of the event promoters.

ZJ Chrome, DJ Franco and Renaissance Disco's DJ Romeo kept patrons moving by selecting trending hip hop, soca and dancehall hits, respectively. Unlike previous stagings, the disc jockeys interacted to avoid crossing over into similar genres at the same time. For the most part, the crowd appeared to be filled with soca fans, who stuck with DJ Franco on the red channel.

However, the logistics of the venue set-up could have been organised better, as patrons found it hard to navigate from the entry to the bar and bathrooms through the large crowd. It was even more complicated as patrons had to purchase tickets at an inconspicuous ticket booth, a distance away from the bar.

"It was the third staging and first-year anniversary and it is hoped that it can be even bigger, as it is a learning process for us," said Mitchell.

The event was almost interrupted by members of the constabulary force at 3 a.m., but a few female patrons debated with them on the use of headphones, leaving the party animals with an additional hour at Beer Silence.

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