Body-enhancing surgery won't stop dancers

November 03, 2017
DHQ Sher
Curvy Diva, Yanique Barrett

With at least two dancehall dancers recently revealing their sculpted 'designer bodies', questions have been raised about whether the new build will prevent them from going all out on the dance floor.

Hearing some of these concerns, Dancehall Queen Headtop Aneika said that the enhancements have not and would not affect her agility.

She made her big reveal about two weeks ago and told THE WEEKEND STAR that she was satisfied with the final results, and didn't understand why there was so much negativity surrounding body enhancing in Jamaica.

She pointed out that other than some mild discomfort post- surgery, which heals over time, the operation doesn't hinder an individual from doing all the things the person used to do no matter how extreme.

"I don't get what the fuss is about, and I think it's hypocritical of the people. I mean, they love the way Nicki Minaj and Cardi B look, but when we do it out here, we're the worst," she said. "My surgery is not affecting me at all. I'm still going on my headtop, still performing stunts in the dance. Nothing nah go pop or buss. Once I'm completely healed, I will be back in the dance with full force."




Drawing on DHQ Sher as an example, Aneika said her fellow dancer has been blazing a trail just as hot as she was pre-surgery.

Aneika said that she has even seen an increase in the number of persons interested in booking her and believes it's the same for Sher.

Aneika, who did surgery to remove fat from her belly and back, stressed that her decision was not based on being dissatisfied with the way she looked, rather she just decided to become the best version of herself.

"Mi did always shape good. Me just couldn't deal wid the fat and decide fi fix it," she said, pointing out that for the most part, she was receiving positive feedback. "You would be surprised to know that despite all the negativity going around where surgery is concerned, there are a lot of women in Jamaica who are considering it. The ones who hate are the ones who want to do it but don't have the money, so they find fault with every little thing. If they could afford it, they would do it too."

Aneika said that she has been advising women contemplating surgery to do it because they love themselves.

When Sher made her big revelation back in August, she sang a similar tune to Aneika, stating that as a woman who knows what she wants, she decided to do surgery because she wanted to be her best self.

In an interview last week, Yanique 'The Curvy Diva' was referred to as one of the faces of body enhancement in Jamaica, and when quizzed on what had influenced her decision, she echoed sentiments shared by both Aneika and Sher.

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