Richie Loop and Alty B give 'All That You Need'


November 10, 2017
Richie Loop

Over four years after telling

people how much they love an 'Island Girl', Richie Loop and

Alty B have teamed up once again with 'All That You Need'.

Produced by GaGa Productions, Alty B and Richie Loop give you the scoop on how you can get true satisfaction from the right man through trust and chemistry.

With the soothing vocals of Richie Loop, the My Cupp singer fills up the ladies with heart-warming melodies throughout.

He doesn't mind if you say he's crazy, because, as he croons, he's "crazy over you, when dem a talk, mi nuh watch dem, you a my bae, you a mi best fren".

Alty B plays storyteller on the song, as he tells how a woman lusts deeply for him while fighting her inner desires.

He asks her to tell him her heart's desire, while saying she "set fi mi body on fire", while waxing poetic about how she makes him perspire, feeling "hot like Las Vegas weather".

The ideal complement of strong with suave, the duo refuses to compromise their respective intents with the women.

When you need comfort from a good man to make you feel secure, they're on call and ready to ring up a night of crazy adult fun.

Building on the single One Thing, his collaboration with Sean Paul and Amy Alida, All That You Need proves Richie Loop is an expert, not just at party-

making music, but love songs the women can cherish.

All That You Need is featured on the 'Open Rebuke' rhythm, a compilation full of depth and range, featuring songs challenging the norm and triggering emotions.

All That You Need channels all that emotion while hitting out against hearsay. The Open Rebuke Ryhthm is available for purchase via iTunes.

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