Sizzla shuns fire rumours


November 15, 2017

Reggae artiste Sizzla Kalonji has distanced himself from online rumours suggesting that he was somehow involved in a fire at Bobo Hill recently.

In a release sent to THE STAR, his manager, Homer Harris, said that "unscrupulous and vindictive individuals on social media have been trying to tarnish and discredit the image of Sizzla Kalonji. There have been rumours circulating online since the Bobo Hill fire, which was caused by a goat on a neighbour's property, that Sizzla was involved in some capacity.

"For the record, Sizzla has no affiliation with the fire or any of the rumours that are circulating on social media in regards to the situation. If anything, these scrupulous individuals that have tried to defame and libel Sizzla's character are doing so out of malicious and vindictive intent," he continued.

In October, Rastafarians from the Bobo Shanti group in Nine Miles, St Andrew, claimed that an armed intruder started a huge fire on the premises, destroying multiple buildings, computers, and important documents. They claimed that the intruder started the fire after his missing goat was found dead on the premises.

But Sizzla is insisting that he had no involvement in the matter.

Instead, the reggae artiste said he has used his personal monies to build the tabernacle and administrative offices at Bobo Hill, Scotts Park, and other places in relation to Rastafari in Jamaica and all over the world.

"Sizzla does not condone the use of violence in solving conflicts in communities, and that is why he created the Sizzla Youth Foundation. The Sizzla Youth Foundation has worked very hard, and, in 2016, because of their grassroots efforts, August Town, Sizzla's community, had zero murders," the release said.

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