Magnum Queen finds her King - Suspense ties the knot

November 16, 2017
Shanekia and Jason prepare to take their walk as man and wife.
Shanekia gives hubby Jason a 'chups'.
Newly weds Shanekia and Jason Salmon.

The recently crowned queen of Magnum Kings & Queens of Dancehall competition made headlines after announcing her baptism, just five months after winning.

Rising deejay Shanekia 'Suspense' Morrison makes the news once again, this time for recently tying the knot with her partner, Jason Salmon.

"This is Shanekia Salmon now!" the deejay excitedly told THE STAR.

In an interview last month, Suspense said that she would be changing her lifestyle. So far, she has engaged with an alternate type of performance.

"I'm getting shows, but not really normal shows. Sometimes I get asked to be a speaker at youth workshops, and they ask my husband to take part. Some persons doing launches and wedding gigs, they'd like to hear from us," she said.

Even with this increase in speaking engagements, Suspense told THE STAR that she continues to write music, and will get back to recording soon.

"I needed the wedding to get out of the way, to get back into the music. I'm doing some radical Christian music," she said, revealing that she penned a tune just yesterday morning. "Neva give up, mi cya give up, God ah my don", she deejayed, offering a few rhythmic lines.




The recording artiste has not yet decided when she would release her new music because she continues to increase her more religious catalogue.

"I didn't want to go in with one song. Mi want something fi mi money. What I choose is to turn my songs over. I have the song that says 'Find a new man weh do the work fi yuh', I turned it over into gospel,"

Suspense told THE STAR that she has refixed classic love song This Magic Moment, turning it into gospel, while adding her deejay 'flavour' at the end.

But for the most part her 'flavour cyaa change'. "I can sing, but I'm keeping it real. I'll do some praise and worship, but not slow," she said.

"It's not about getting a buss again. I don't even think about it because it will be done. I'm getting the word across. That's what I want to do right now," she said.

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