General Degree looks to 'block traffic' in 2018

November 17, 2017
General Degree

In preparation for 2018, reggae/dancehall entertainer General Degree has taken to social media to advertise his availability for events and performances.

The artiste held his Traffic Blocking Tour in Central and South America in March, and has decided to take a more proactive attitude in securing bookings.

He said the tour was "successful and inspirational."

"Traffic Blocking is a brand for me and gets greater response because it is one of the biggest dancehall songs of the 90s and world audiences easily associate it with my name," General Degree told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"You always have people who are interested or want to know of tentative dates that a recording artiste can perform. For me, when I am promoting a contact or booking agent persons can get in touch with, I always suggest that the request be made under that theme of the Traffic Blocking Tour," he said.

The entertainer has promoted the tour on Facebook and Instagram but has not included any scheduled dates and locations.

Event planners from Europe and Africa have contacted General Degree since the post but nothing has been confirmed.

"People are showing interest and in order to secure dates for next year March, bookings have to start as early as now. I may be in Africa or in another Caribbean island though it might not be for the Traffic Blocking Tour especially if other artistes are booked along with me," General Degree said.

When questioned about his reasons for taking this route, General Degree said "most artistes from my era are low-key, hard to find or waiting on something to drop out of the sky. As they say out of sight out of mind."

He added, "Networking requires the artiste to put them foot forward and I am creating awareness. After all it is my business and brand. I am sure if someone tried to secure rights to that name and took me to court I would win."

While he has been putting out new material like Bambalam (2014) and A You Mi Come Fah (2016), General Degree admits most people can identify him from songs released between 1990 and 2000.

He is also planning to redistribute and remake a few of his old releases and find creative ways to share videos to evoke the attention of fans.

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