Gospel show promoter plans school peace invasion

November 17, 2017
Contributed Basillia Barnaby-Cuff and husband, Brian.

Leading up to the second staging of the Sterling Gospel Music Awards, the organising committee has decided to take on an unconventional, philanthropic promotional plan which will take the brand to high schools across Jamaica, on a mission for peace.

Next year, in the months before the awards ceremony in March 2018, past winners and nominees will participate in The Sterling Peace Invasion School Tour.

"We were thinking of what to do to give back. The Sterling Awards is about giving back to make an impact in the music industry, but we also want to make an impact in Jamaica at large," Basillia Barnaby-Cuffe, organiser of the awards told THE WEEKEND STAR. "With the spate of incidents of violence in our institutions, our focus next year and going forward will be on our young people, addressing the psychosocial and other factors that possibly lead to violence."

The tour will target high schools, where the committee believes youth violence is more prevalent and intends to conduct one and half-hour long sessions.

"It's about helping young people recognise that there are alternatives to violence," she said. The planning committee is currently in talks with the Jamaica Constabulary Force, local psychologists and the Peace Management Initiative.

"We believe that if we seek to bend the tree before it is old, we stand a chance at achieving widespread peace in our schools and nation at large," she said.

At the end of each session, past Sterling Awards winners and nominees will be invited to close with ministry.

"If Jamaica is going to be the place we can truly and comfortably call home, we must work towards achieving nationwide peace. We must play our part," Barnaby-Cuffe said.

The second annual Sterling Gospel Music Awards will take place on March 24, 2018 at the Golf View Hotel in Mandeville.

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